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If you are searching for a casino application for Android and iOS devices then you are on the right platform. we are providing the fresh and secure download button of the S9 Game App for your Android and iOS devices. Enjoy more than 20 casino games free of cost in one app. Most of the famous casino games are available on this platform. The S9 Game is also called Super 9 or Teen Patti S9 App.

Most of the casino games are not available for iOS devices. Because casino games belong to third-party apps, Android device users can easily download third-party apps from the Google Play Store, but iOS devices don’t allow these apps. But this casino app can smoothly work on all iOS versions without support.

The S9 Game is purely safe and reliable for all users. So that’s why it is the only casino app that is available for iOS. Moreover, it is also the best way to earn money without leaving the home comfort. In this article, we have mentioned all the features and specifications of the Teen Patti S9 that you can enjoy when you download the app from the above button.

What is the S9 Game?

Super 9 allows you to play different casino games on your Android and iOS devices. Through betting on games, you can also earn money. It has a massive collection of games like Crush, ludo and Sports, black, Dragon Tiger, and many more. This game is also called Teen Patti S9. This game is capable on all types of devices including PCs and laptops.

Play Game and Earn Money:

Now it is quite easy to earn money through playing different games. Download the S9 App from the above link and earn money betting on different games. Casino games are specially designed for all those gamers who want to play games and earn money.

New Games in S9 Super Game 2024:

It is a new game newly introduced in Super 9 Game for the fruit spin game lover. Here you can place a bet more than the 6 ruppies and then you can spin. The amount is directly multiplied with the 2X, 4X, 5X, and other options.

Here also you need to tap on the JILI option and spin the wheel to win the amount that is on the wheel. Increase your bet to increase more bonus. Also here new users can earn money through promotions and free spins of the JILI spin.

It is a card game where you can place a bet and tap on the spin option to win the game. You can also collect extra spins with the FREE SPINS option.
When you win the bet 5 times regularly then the winning amount will be doubled.

In the FortuneGems game here also you need to spin the wheel and the screen shows three main numbers. Like 5X, 10X and 15X. The amount that you bet on the game will multiply with these numbers and also more bonus when you win the game.

Main Specification of the S9 Games APK:

3 Patti S9 has many specifications and features you can use when downloading the app. Here are many promotions and services available to earn more money when you join any recent new event. So stay with us till the end to review all the features of the Super 9 app.

  • Our site provides a fresh download link to download the app for and also iOS devices.
  • Friendly interface to register in the app with a simple navigation process.
  • No need to worry about your privacy. All the personal data are end-to-end encrypted and don’t share with other third-party sites.
  • Large collection of games with user-friendly interface and high-quality graphics to ensure a live casino environment.
  • Transactions of money are highly secure and instantly. New gamers don’t need to pay for anything.
  • Invite new people into the game to earn more rewards and increase your level. If your friend deposits in the game then your rewards become double.
  • Receive your winning amount through different payment methods like Easypaisa, JazzCash, Google Pay, and Visa or Master card.
  • For registration in the game, users need only active mobile numbers.
  • After registration, you can get the sign-up bonus.
  • When a friend deposits 1000 then you can get 500.
  • You a friend bet 5000, and you can get 100.
  • Customize your profile picture and public username.
  • 24/7 customer service for instant response.
  • Bet on national and international cricket matches.

Most rated and played games in the S9 App

  • Quests
  • Cash Back
  • Activity Wheel
  • Refer&Earn

S9 Game Download:

Here we are discussing the term “S9 Game download APK” and the installation process.

If you are if you are willing to download the S9 Game APK in Android and iOS then hit on the above download option. For security reasons in your device, it asks you to allow the UNKNOWN SOURCE PERMISSION. Allow that permission and wait for the completion of the download. Now install the app and register in the app.

S9 Game for PC:

The majority of casino gamers play games on PCs or laptops. There are a few games that are available for PC. If you are playing games on PC then you need to download the S9 Game for PC. It is the only app that is available for all types of devices. The downloading and installation process is the same for the laptop or computer. But you need to install Windows 10 or above on your PC. It doesn’t need any emulator app for proper functioning.

How to log in and play games in the S9 Game?

  • First of all, join through the registration process.
  • For registration in the game, you need only one active mobile number.
  • Tape p on the registration option and fill up the required details.
  • Now the Super 9 App is ready to use.
  • Collect the sign-up bonus and deposit a few amounts in your account.
  • After this select any game that you want to play. Now start earning money through winning a bet.

Lucky Spin in S9 Game:

When a user deposits 1000 in the game, then you have a chance to win real cash through Lucky Spin. Through this wheel spin, you can win 20, 40, 100, 1000, and many more.

7-day cash back rewards:

In the Super 9 game, new users can enjoy 7-day and 7-day cash-back rewards. Here you select 7-day 7-dayy7-day cash back and deposit in the game.

  • Like deposit 900 and daily get 15 rupees for 7 days.
  • Deposit 1500 and daily get 60 rupees for 7 days.
  • Deposit 9000 and 75 rupees for 1 month.

Level and Sign up bonus in the S9 App

When new users join, a 7-day sign-up bonus is available for well come.

  • 1-day RS 3
  • 2-day RS 5
  • 3-day RS 5
  • 4-day RS 10
  • 5-day RS 5
  • 6-day RS 15
  • 7-day RS 10+Extra
  • Deposit 1000 to complete level 1
  • Deposit 2000 to complete level 2

S9 Game alternatives

There are millions of casino games. Every game has different rules and regulations. But the main purpose of the game is to bet on any game and earn money. Here a only few players can earn money through betting. But the S9 Game App makes it easier and more comfortable. Its easy navigation systems make the app very easy and interesting. Also here are a few other casino apps that you can use instead of the S9 APK.

Tips and tricks for the S9 Teen Patti:

This game has its algorithm. You can’t trace the bet. But you can predict the future bet through the past present bet. Like if you lose 5 to 6 times the s on the dragon side, then you need to be the t on the Lion side regularly. Due to, this you have more chance to win the bet.

Seconly deposit amounts mount like 5000 to 1000. Start betting through small amounts like 20 to 40. When you lose 20, double your bet like 40, and then carry on. If you lose 5 times and win one time then you can get your all previous losses amount and also 20 rupees extra.

How to deposit in the S9 Game?

  • For deposit in the game, tap on the DEPOSIT option.
  • Select the amount and tap to continue the option.
  • Also select a payment method like JazzCash, Easypaisa, and Bank transfer.
  • Now confirm the OTP and refresh the game.
  • After 3 to 5 minutes the amount is directly added to your account.

What is the minimum withdrawal limit?

The minimum withdrawal limit of the game is 100 rupees.

Is the Super 9 Game safe?

According to the Google Play Store and Apple Store, it is not secure. Because these types of games are risky to lose. Further user data are end-to-end encrypted.

Our team reviewed about Super 9 Game:

Our team downloads and uses the app on Android and also iOS devices. The game is quite good and easy to play. Instantly deposit and withdrawal system with a secure security system. No bugs in the app. If you are a casino lover then we suggest you try this app.


The S9 Game application is the most trusted and suitable platform where users can enjoy more than 20 games free of cost. It is also free to download and install. Furthermore, the developer adds new games to the app weekly for users’ entertainment. Our site APKAI doesn’t promote any app or tool. All the games and tools are only for knowledge purposes. If you have any questions about the app, then you can join us through comment chat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s

Is the S9 Game free to download and use?

The S9 app is completely free to download and use on all types of devices. But when you want to play games in the app, then you need to deposit in the app.

What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal in the S9 App?

In the app, the minimum deposit level is 300 and the minimum withdrawal is 100. However, it is a little bit charged in minimum withdrawal. High withdrawal is free.

What is S9 Teen Patti?

It is also called the Super 9 or S9 Game. These three are the different names of this game.

What is the term”Super 9 Game download”

Yes, You can download this app for all devices like Android, iOS, PC, and Laptops free of cost without any emulator files.

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